Excellent products, impeccable services, top-notch infrastructure, promising roadmap and big goals, nothing works unless a business has an interruption-free and reliable communication channel to interact with its audience. While mentioning the best way of keeping in loop with customers and prospects, one solution that sits at the #1 spot is bulk voice SMS service. Advertising the business, promoting its products/services, updating the audience about latest information and strengthening genuine relationships with customers, the path to achieve these goals goes through bulk voice SMS service

What is voice SMS service?

Voice SMS, as the name implies, refers to an automated call that includes a recorded message. The message can be recorded or a text to speech converter can be used. As soon as the call is picked, the message begins playing.

According to researchers, voice SMS service in India is the most looked out marketing tool in terms of fetching more & more business, successful collaborations and transforming a business into a recognised brand. Reaching customers beyond the scope, convincing them and generating quality leads, voice SMS services fulfill all the objectives in the shortest time.

Now comes the most crucial part, i.e. who to trust for bulk voice SMS service? How to seek the best services since the market is full of businesses claiming big words and clickbait strategies that fizzle out maximum times.

In the pool of so many options, we feel proud to say that we are different, mean our words, offer the best voice SMS services and help our clients meet their expectations. Our voice SMS solutions have been created wisely, logically and practically for effective results.

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Major purposes voice SMS meet?

Businesses can use the service for a number of applications that include customer surveys, EMI reminders, political campaigns, stock alerts, invitation messages, mobile marketing, medicine reminders, meeting reminders, sharing latest updates, wake up calls and a lot more.

Advantages associated with voice SMS service

In comparison to text messages, voice messages deliver better results by adding a touch of personalization, as per observations.

No matter which language a business’ customers understand, voice message is available in all languages.

Whether a user uses mobile phone or landline, bulk voice SMS can be used for each of them.

It is a guaranteed way to promote products, services and an entire business in the best way possible.

Based on the needs, calls can be scheduled at a fixed date as well as time.

By replacing manual calls, voice SMS enables a business and its employees to concentrate on other crucial tasks.

Personalised experiences can be made for customers upon incorporating a greeting or accepting the choice of the user through interactive voice response or IVR.

Since there’s no need to read a voice SMS, it helps to reach both educated and not-so-educated sections of the society.

Voice SMS provides flexibility to the business as well as to its customers.

Businesses get to reach a broader audience that covers even those who do not have access to the internet.

Features of voice SMS service

Quick responses can be availed upon using the interactive function.

Real-time reporting helps to assess the performance and success of the campaign.

Third-party integration is a possibility via standard practices in real-time for each & every voice call.

A number of outbound calls are possible with just a single click.

Bulk SMS services work on local, national and international levels.

Voice SMS service is a proven strategy to raise funds, organize conferences as well as promote social awareness.

Reason behind a massive shift towards voice SMS

First and probably the foremost reason behind the rise in the popularity of voice SMS is customers’ tendency to choose comfort over everything else. Neither they need to type the long sentences and worry about spellings, tone or grammatical errors nor they have to read anything. It’s all about speaking, recording and listening. Also, both speaking and listening are easier and quicker.

Moving on, everyone is busy nowadays and often engaged in multitasking almost every time, which gives them little or no time to type or read. They want to deliver and receive the message on the go while doing a couple of other things, which makes voice SMS a handy solution.

Why must a business integrate voice SMS services right away?

Human connection is the way to boost customer engagement and surpass the competitors. Sooner or later, every business will have to think and act the way their audience expects them to, provided they want to succeed and thrive.

To offer unparalleled customer service, interacting on a personal level is the key, something voice SMS service makes possible. When customers believe that the business they look forward to have customer satisfaction as their agenda, nothing can stop a business from getting ample opportunities to earn profits based on trust.

What to consider when starting with voice SMS service?

As already mentioned above, there are thousands of service providers with quite convincing pitches but you must play smart. You need someone who saves you time and helps you with results you expect rather than fooling you with lame excuses. You need dashboards that display detailed insights as well as campaign reports to make the necessary changes in the strategy, if required. Fortunately, you have us. We will not only meet these hopes of yours but will you give you the charge to keep things under your control. Our team will guide you at every step, welcome your ideas, share its suggestions and ensure concluding strategies that yield results without a miss. You need someone who values your budget and efforts and we are that someone.

Get started now!

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