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Voice SMS India is a companion and a trustworthy source for businesses that aspire for a seamless communication with clients. Small, mid-sized and large, we serve businesses of every size even if they have restricted sources and budget.

Our clients are widespread, which in itself confirms our capability and determination to offer top-notch bulk SMS and voice call solutions. While working in the present, we keep our eyes focused on the future to adapt to new technologies as soon as they are released, which is why our clientele enjoys a seamless experience with us. In addition, we look forward to introducing new solutions in our bucket of services to cater to the needs of a larger set of audience without worrying about the geographical boundaries.


  • Bulk SMS Services

    Send a short text message to a large number of recipients with the press of a button! We've priced our Bulk SMS service for economy and efficiency. Conveniently update customers, send important reminders, offer bonuses and incentives, confirm bookings, and more. See Details

  • Voice SMS

    Create blanket communications with our Voice SMS service. It allows you to create simple, pre-recorded voice broadcasts that reach your entire network. It even caters for people who can't read texts or do not have a smartphone. See Details

  • Missed Call Service

    Every single call is important to your business, your organization. Our Missed Call Service provides a detailed report of your call backlog. Enhance lead generation and improve your communications with both existing customers and prospects. See Details

  • SMS Reseller

    Build your business on the back of our expertise with SMS Reseller. With minimal effort, you can get your own SMS website online. Through our bulk SMS Gateway, you can be the provider of our extraordinary service. Your company name up front; our expertise under the hood. See Details


    2-factor authenticity adds a level of safety and is convenient with our SMS service. Our OTP SMS technology helps reduce the threat of phishing and online theft. Offer customers the extra layer of security validation through one easy API integration. See Details

  • Click To Call

    Connect with your customers instantly and easily on your website or app. With a single click, you can give superior real time support to visitors. If they can't talk? Schedule a call at a time to suit them. Our click to call service is the next best thing to being face-to-face. See Details


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How to send a voice text message?

If you want to send peer to peer messages, services like MMS (multimedia messaging service) or WhatsApp are the most preferred solutions. However, if you wish to send bulk voice text messages, the best solution is contacting professionals like Voice SMS India.

How to send a bulk voice call?

To send voice calls in bulk, the ideal way is having a reliable service provider by your side such as Voice SMS India. Upon subscription, you will get access to a user interface that will be web based. An API to enable you to upload phone numbers & voice calls and to send bulk voice calls will be provided as well. Your provider’s SAAS system will activate the calls from several hosted numbers.

Why is voice broadcasting most effective?

Versatility, lead generation, flexibility and personalization are the elements that make voice broadcasting a highly effective solution. Besides these, through feedback and surveys, voice broadcasting enhances the business as well as improves its productivity and prepares it for the future. Also, it is a good way to reach a larger audience.

Which industries make maximum profits from voice calls?

Though almost every industry can make unprecedented benefits from voice calls, some of the major ones include financial institutions, hospitality, utility services, educational institutions, healthcare, airlines, railways and media houses.

What to do if the call is not picked by the customer in a voice SMS campaign?

Whether or not users will receive the scheduled calls when the campaign is run is something impossible to predict. However, there’s nothing to worry, as it is possible to assure that the calls are responded to. To do that, the retry logic is added on to the dashboard. Just like its name, it retries those users who didn’t pick the calls when the call was made initially. What’s important to know is that the retry method takes some time before it activates.